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Trefjar is a manufacturer of various plastic parts. Their primary products are boats made of fiberglass. The company also produce many other products such as products for the aquaculture industry along with other products made of acrylic plastic material.

Flexibility is the hallmark of the Cleopatra boats from Trefjar.

The Cleopatra Fisherman is a high-speed fishing boat, designed to withstand the rough sea and weather conditions of the North Atlantic Ocean. Made of glassfibre reinforced plastics (GRP), according to rules and regulations set by the Nordic Boat standard.

The Cleopatra Fisherman is designed to meet all requirements of professional fishermen for efficiency, speed and seaworthiness.

The boat is equipped with high-technology fishing equipment and can be fitted out for longlining, jigging, netting, Danish seining etc. The Cleopatra Fisherman is a good choice for independent fishermen and fishing companies alike. It can deliver good catches and high revenue for a low investment.

The Cleopatra design also offers great many possibilities for other applications from diving tenders to passenger vessels.

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