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Turnkey solution, from design to commissioning.

For over 20 years, Samey has enabled companies out at sea and onshore to increase productivity and operational efficiency through effective and efficient robots and automated solutions.

Samey offers complete solutions, tailored to the client’s needs, from design to commissioning. The solutions are efficient and user friendly and the service is excellent. Samey has installed products and solutions worldwide in over 20 countries.

Samey offers a wide range of automation solutions for the marine and fish processing industry. Through many years of experience and accumulated knowledge the solutions are state of the art, with optimum utilization at minimal energy cost.

  • Increased profit: Increases overall performance by up to 40 per capex spending and environmental footprint.
  • Power saving: Saves up to 70% energy compared to traditional equipment.
  • Environmentally conscious processing methods.
  • Equipment designed for better hygiene and reduces the cost and use of cleaning agents.
  • Better utilization of raw materials.
  • World leader in equipment for utilization, helping the industry reach new levels in utilization using up to 25% more of the overall fish protein for human consumption.
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