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Promens is a leading company in the development and manufacture of environmental friendly, double-walled, insulated tubs and pallets for a wide range of food processing, industrial and logistics applications.

They are suitable for storage of fish, both at sea and ashore. By improving storage, utilization can be increased and shelf life of the products.

Main factors and specialties:

  • The tubs are produced by electricity which is an unorthodox method.
  • The tubs are made from polyethylene; these sturdy products have excellent durability and high impact strength.
  • They are light-weight and manageable and made from recyclable material

Before, landings of fish in boxes required 10-12 men but with the new tub system the labor usage can be cut down to 3-5 men. Landing 150 tons of fish took between 10-15 hours before, now the same amount takes less than two hours.

The difference in the cost of each landing is great. If the salary is around $15 USD, the total cost for 10 men working 12 hours each is $1720 USD, but with the tubs the cost is only $143 USD. This does not include savings relating to rearranging the tubs and putting the fish in ice.

After the tubs established themselves many crucial factors have improved. Time cost, utilization of raw material, transportation cost and storage time, etc.

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