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Employees of NAVIS have been in charge of the design of various kinds of newbuildings, such as stern trawlers, purse seiners /pelagic trawlers, fish factory vessels, line and drift netters, handliners, tugs, ferries, survey- and research vessels. They have furthermore, on behalf of owners, supervised numerous major modifications and repairs of existing vessels, designs and renewals of fish factory lines and taken part in various other projects and surveys each in their particular subjects.

  • 10-15% energy savings with the new ship designs compared to the traditional ones.
  • Goal is to design fuel efficient vessels, improve handling of the catch and contribute to full utilization of catches.
  • The designing of the vessels are based on maximizing operational efficiency with the green concept in mind.
  • Ship hull design by minimizing resistance and ensuring a good flow to the propeller.
  • Selecting a drive mechanism with respect to maximizing power efficiency, such as with increasing propeller diameter and variable rotation speed of propeller.
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