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Naust Marine develops and manufactures technological equipment for fisheries and industry. Naust Marine is a world leading manufacturer of control equipment for electrical winches. The companies product "ATW" is the result of development work performed by Naust Marine´s staff, in close cooperation with Icelandic fishermen, for two decades.

Another system Naust Marine has developed is meant to synchronize and control power management of generators. This product, called AutoGen, has been installed in many ships around the world to maximize the efficiency of generators. The systen also aims to get the most out of the generators when maximum electric power is needed.

In addition to that Naust Marine has designed automatic surveillance systems for engine rooms and accessible cabinets for switch boards.

Naust Marine provides consulting services regarding electrical systems in ships and the design of electrical systems in ships. The company can also provide generators and electrical motors.

Winches are an important part of equipment in all kinds of vessels and are used in different ways depending on what kind of fishing gear is being used. Winches use much energy and utilize a large portion of the electricity produced on board. Electricity savings is very crucial in operation of each ship.

Hydraulic winches have so far been commonly used on ships but in recent years, fishermen have been looking for all possible ways to save electricity and electrical winches play a big role in increasing the operating environment and reducing pollution.

Electric winches are taking over the hydraulic winches. They yield the same results, but with much less energy consumption and thus are more environmentally friendly.

Electrical winches are the more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hydraulic winches which are driven by oil pump.

With sales of electric winches and development of other technical equipment to use with the winches, Naust Marine contributes to both environmental protection and energy savings.

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