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Marport develops and produces complete solutions in the field of fishing gear management. The service consists of wireless sensors along with processing of information, visual presentation and linking to devices. The Marport system is suitable for all types of vessels, fishing gear and various depth of the sea. The devices are adaptable to different needs because they are composed of the same basic units. This simplifies the service and maintenance of the equipment.

The Marport system allows users to measure and control most of the aspects regarding fishing and the management of the gear. These include sensing the fish in proximity to the gear, distance measurements and measurements of the ocean currents.

The fishing gear is shown in 3D so that all of the variables that may affect fishing ability are shown in real time, thus making it possible to respond immediately to changing environmental factors or mishaps.

It gives the user an overview of the total catch, preventing excessive fishing, which in return affects the quality of the raw material. The device can be adjusted to minimize contact of the seafloor or avoid it altogether. This improves the interaction with the fishing grounds and in addition significantly reduces the seafloor resistance and hence power consumption when using towed fishing gear.

With the device it is also possible to analyze the size and which type of fish is present. In this way the quota may be utilized more efficiently and yield higher value raw material.

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