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The 3X bleeding tank “On-board” is designed to extend the product shelf life by securing proper bleeding and cooling after catching.

• By extending shelf-life, fishing trips can be extended by up to 40% and thus made cheaper and more efficient. (Reduction in fuel, ice and energy consumption on board).
• Controlled thorough process increases yields and reduces gaping in fillets fetching higher market value
• “On Track” computer interface control on water flow, energy consumption and temperature with an alarm in case something goes wrong.
Refreshing and thawing frozen raw material (IQF/Blocks)

Main advantages:
• Water saving up to 50% compared to traditional methods.
• Can use or re-use energy, up to 25%, otherwise spilled.
• Optimizes raw material yield (2-4%), reduce drip loss.
• “On Track” computer interface control on water flow, energy consumption, temperature and an alarm alerts if something goes wrong.
Tub in feed unit with buffer conveyor, ice separator, tub take away with washing and stacking.

Automatic raw material infeed for 660L and 460L tubs, gentle product handling and ice separation. Tub washing and disposal after emptying.

• Limits forklift usage and traffic by 75%.
• Reduces water and soap consumption by 80% compared to use of conventional methods.
• Environmental friendly as better tub handling, means less replacement and repair cost reduced by 20%.
• Environmental friendly as it recycles the soap water through a special filter system.
Promens is a leading company in the development and manufacture of environmental friendly, double-walled, insulated tubs and pallets for a wide range of food processing, industrial and logistics applications.
They are suitable for storage of fish, both at sea and ashore. By improving storage, utilization can be increased and shelf life of the products.

Main factors and specialties:
• The tubs are produced by electricity which is an unorthodox method.
• The tubs are made from polyethylene; these sturdy products have excellent durability and high impact strength.
• They are light-weight and manageable and made from recyclable material.
Before, landings of fish in boxes required 10-12 men but with the new tub system the labor usage can be cut down to 3-5 men. Landing 150 tons of fish took between 10-15 hours before, now the same amount takes less than two hours.

The difference in the cost of each landing is great. If the salary is around $15 USD, the total cost for 10 men working 12 hours each is $1720 USD, but with the tubs the cost is only $143 USD. This does not include savings relating to rearranging the tubs and putting the fish in ice.

After the tubs established themselves many crucial factors have improved. Time cost, utilization of raw material, transportation cost and storage time, etc.
Main factors and specialties:
• The tubs are produced by electricity which is an unorthodox method.
• The tubs are made from polyethylene; these sturdy products have excellent durability and high impact strength.
• They are light-weight and manageable and made from recyclable material.
Polar Fishing Gear specializes in designing and selling highly efficient trawl doors suitable for bottom, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing.

Using 3-Dimensional aerodynamics computational simulation to design Polar trawl doors, reduced resistance has been confirmed against most competitors and it is accredited to maintaining excellent spreading force.

Polar’s semi-pelagic and pelagic trawl doors are also used to spread traditional bottom trawls rigged “off the seabed”. Experiments have shown 8 to 12% less fuel consumption and less wear and tear with the use of this equipment compared to use of traditional bottom doors. In addition, there is much less impact to the bottom as the trawl doors are rigged to work 10 to 20fm above the seabed.
“Off the seabed” fishing has high environmental status showing:

• Reduced impact to the seafloor as the trawl doors are guided to work above the seabed.
• Less fuel consumption due to less resistance of direct seafloor contact from the trawl doors.
• Less maintenance on the trawl doors and other ground gear as majority of it is guided above the seabed Polar’s latest invention, “Remote Controllable Trawl Doors.”

They are in trial process showing very promising results but the idea is to control the water flow through the trawl doors and guide them and the complete fishing gear to preferable position in the water for the most effective fishing results. By moving the wings or part of the wings of the trawl door, the water flow can be controlled so the trawl doors can be guided to work with reduced spreading force, its maximum spreading force and also controlled closer to the surface or deeper.
“Remote Controllable Trawl Doors” will have great effect on environmental issues:

• Less fuel consumption as when no or little fish concentration are seen on the fish finding equipments in front of the fishing vessel, the doors can be controlled to increase the water flow through the doors. The doors will lose spreading force and the distance between them will be reduced and the complete fishing gear will have much less resistance.
• Greater catches as when high fish concentration are seen on the fish finding equipments in front of the fishing vessel, the doors can be controlled to reduce the water flow through the doors are guided to spread more, the distance between them will be increased and the fishing gear will catch more fish.
• Greater catches as the doors can be controlled to preferable position in the sea were best fishing options are.
Thor-Ice’s goal is to secure the shelf life of fish products, from catch to the customers table. This is one of the most vital environmental goals when ensuring the sustainability of fish stocks worldwide. Better handling and chilling of fish reduces waste and ensures that each fish caught at sea reaches the consumer but not the waste bin.

With all generators and machines PED certified, Thor Ice offers machines based on environmentally friendly ammonia and CO2. These machines do not use refrigerants that have negatively affect the atmosphere, placing Thor Ice in the forefront of the use of environmental refrigerants. Due to the use of environmental refrigerants, a 21% reduction of energy has been achieved, reducing the electricity needed to cool the fish. This can lead to a substantial reduction in oil consumption at sea and reduce the CO2 emission of fishing vessels.
With years of experience and proven technology and knowledge, the staff at Thor Ice work together with fishermen, processors and fish farms to ensure the maximum shelf life of fish and fish products.
Thor Ice is one of the few companies worldwide to offer environmentally friendly slurry ice machines and equipment. Thor Ice has invested hundreds of thousands of Euros on environmental friendly solutions and worked on development projects with Matís, the Technology development fund (Rannis) and the fisheries.

• Thor Ice produces environmental friendly slurry machines that use ammonium as a cooling medium.
• Traditional refrigerant pollutes 3300 times more than ammonium.
It is estimated that far too much fish is thrown out before being consumed, due to short shelf life. According to recent figures, this is percentage is over 30% for food products in the EU.

• About 25% of the catch from coastal fishing vessels is considered to be ruined or low quality because of poor cooling.
• There has been increased market-demand for better quality and longer shelf life of the fish. Fast cooling contributes to this both.
• Icelandic households throw food into the dustbin worth 30 billion annually.
• It is estimated that up to 50% of edible and good food is thrown away at homes, supermarkets, restaurants and large kitchens in the EU on a yearly basis.
• Food is thrown away at all leves of the distribution chain.
Turnkey solution, from design to commissioning.
For over 20 years, Samey has enabled companies out at sea and onshore to increase productivity and operational efficiency through effective and efficient robots and automated solutions.

Samey offers complete solutions, tailored to the client’s needs, from design to commissioning. The solutions are efficient and user friendly and the service is excellent. Samey has installed products and solutions worldwide in over 20 countries.
Samey offers a wide range of automation solutions for the marine and fish processing industry. Through many years of experience and accumulated knowledge the solutions are state of the art, with optimum utilization at minimal energy cost.
• Increased profit: Increases overall performance by up to 40 per capex spending and environmental footprint.
• Power saving: Saves up to 70% energy saving compared to traditional equipment.
• Environmentally conscious processing methods.
• Equipment designed for better hygiene and reduces the cost and use of cleaning agents.
• Better utilization of raw materials.
• World leader in equipment for utilization, helping the industry reach new levels in utilization using up to 25% more of the overall fish protein for human consumption.
The Cleopatra Fisherman is designed to meet all requirements of professional fishermen for efficiency, speed and seaworthiness.

The boat is equipped with high-technology fishing equipment and can be fitted out for longlining, jigging, netting, Danish seining etc. The Cleopatra Fisherman is a good choice for independent fishermen and fishing companies alike. It can deliver good catches and high revenue for a low investment.
Flexibility is the hallmark of the Cleopatra boats from Trefjar.

The Cleopatra Fisherman is a high-speed fishing boat, designed to withstand the rough sea and weather conditions of the North Atlantic Ocean. Made of glassfibre reinforced plastics (GRP), according to rules and regulations set by the Nordic Boat standard.
Trefjar is a manufacturer of various plastic parts. Their primary products are boats made of fiberglass. The company also produce many other products such as products for the aquaculture industry along with other products made of acrylic plastic material.

The Cleopatra design also offers great many possibilities for other applications from diving tenders to passenger vessels.
Marport develops and produces complete solutions in the field of fishing gear management. The service consists of wireless sensors along with processing of information, visual presentation and linking to devices. The Marport system is suitable for all types of vessels, fishing gear and various depth of the sea. The devices are adaptable to different needs because they are composed of the same basic units. This simplifies the service and maintenance of the equipment.

The fishing gear is shown in 3D so that all of the variables that may affect fishing ability are shown in real time, thus, making it possible to respond immediately to changing environmental factors or mishaps.
It gives the user an overview of the total catch, preventing excessive fishing, which in return affects the quality of the raw material. The device can be adjusted to minimize contact of the seafloor or avoid it altogether. This improves the interaction with the fishing grounds and in addition significantly reduces the seafloor resistance and hence power consumption when using towed fishing gear.
The Marport system allows users to measure and control most of the aspects regarding fishing and the management of the gear. These include sensing the fish in proximity to the gear, distance measurements and measurements of the ocean currents.

With the device it is also possible to analyze the size and which type of fish is present. In this way the quota may be utilized more efficiently and yield higher value raw material.
Employees of NAVIS have been in charge of the design of various kinds of newbuildings, such as stern trawlers, purse seiners /pelagic trawlers, fish factory vessels, line and drift netters, handliners, tugs, ferries, survey- and research vessels.
They have furthermore, on behalf of owners, supervised numerous major modifications and repairs of existing vessels, designs and renewals of fish factory lines and taken part in various other projects and surveys each in their particular subjects.
• 10-15% energy savings with the new ship designs compared to the traditional ones.
• Goal is to design fuel efficient vessels, improve handling of the catch and contribute to full utilization of catches.
• The designing of the vessels are based on maximizing operational efficiency with the green concept in mind.
• Ship hull design by minimizing resistance and ensuring a good flow to the propeller.
• Selecting a drive mechanism with respect to maximizing power efficiency, such as with increasing propeller diameter and variable rotation speed of propeller.
In the battle against bacteria, the most important factor is the prevention of cross-contamination which involves basic cleaning and disinfecting. DIS solutions delivers what no current technology can do; broad spectrum, long lasting, anti-microbial control in a much safer and more caring way that was ever believed possible.

The DIS Cloud system is a unique combination of D-SAN, the latest generation of hard surface sanitizer, and innovative use of the latest cloud/mist technology. The system used with our unique atomization technique produces a dense fog of disinfectants reaching places hard to reach with traditional methods.
The nozzles spray a fog of high density, spreading evenly throughout the room, eleminating bacteria, fungi and algae. Due to the density of the fog even bacteria, fungi and algae in the air is eliminated. Units difficult to disinfect with traditional methods, such as processing machines, conveyor belts and other units or surfaces hard to reach are easily disinfected with our cloud solution.

DIS products for cleaning and sanitizing are not only higly effective as disinfectants but they also have residual efficacy meaning that the surface itself becomes disinfectant for some time after being treated. Depending on the surface being treated we determine whether a spray, wipe or larger equipment is needed for applying the disinfectants. The solution is unique for each unique situation.
The DIS Cloud system can be used where there is risk of cross-contamination, in food processing of all kinds, including in every stage of the fish industry, from trawlers to final production stages, and in transport vehicles where hygiene is a factor.The externally placed and fully automatic control unit can serve multiple rooms, production lines, animal sheds etc.

Correctly done, the improved hygiene standards and practices will achieve full anti-microbial control. This control in turn enables the company to seek continuous improvement in disinfection and cleaning practices, leading to further reduction in the use of water, energy, chemicals and resources.
Naust Marine develops and manufactures technological equipment for fisheries and industry. Naust Marine is a world leading manufacturer of control equipment for electrical winches. The companies product “ATW” is the result of development work performed by Naust Marine´s staff, in close cooperation with Icelandic fishermen, for two decades.

Another system Naust Marine has developed is meant to synchronize and control power management of generators. This product, called AutoGen, has been installed in many ships around the world to maximize the efficiency of generators. The systen also aims to get the most out of the generators when maximum electric power is needed.

In addition to that Naust Marine has designed automatic surveillance systems for engine rooms and accessible cabinets for switch boards.
Naust Marine provides consulting services regarding electrical systems in ships and the design of electrical systems in ships. The company can also provide generators and electrical motors.

Winches are an important part of equipment in all kinds of vessels and are used in different ways depending on what kind of fishing gear is being used. Winches use much energy and utilize a large portion of the electricity produced on board. Electricity savings is very crucial in operation of each ship.
Hydraulic winches have so far been commonly used on ships but in recent years, fishermen have been looking for all possible ways to save electricity and electrical winches play a big role in increasing the operating environment and reducing pollution.

Electric winches are taking over the hydraulic winches. They yield the same results, but with much less energy consumption and thus are more environmentally friendly.

Electrical winches are the more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hydraulic winches which are driven by oil pump. With sales of electric winches and development of other technical equipment to use with the winches, Naust Marine contributes to both environmental protection and energy savings. See Profile