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In the battle against bacteria, the most important factor is the prevention of cross-contamination which involves basic cleaning and disinfecting. DIS solutions delivers what no current technology can do; broad spectrum, long lasting, anti-microbial control in a much safer and more caring way that was ever believed possible.

The DIS Cloud system is a unique combination of D-SAN, the latest generation of hard surface sanitizer, and innovative use of the latest cloud/mist technology. The system used with our unique atomization technique produces a dense fog of disinfectants reaching places hard to reach with traditional methods.

The DIS Cloud system can be used where there is risk of cross-contamination, in food processing of all kinds, including in every stage of the fish industry, from trawlers to final production stages, and in transport vehicles where hygiene is a factor.The externally placed and fully automatic control unit can serve multiple rooms, production lines, animal sheds etc.

The nozzles spray a fog of high density, spreading evenly throughout the room, eleminating bacteria, fungi and algae. Due to the density of the fog even bacteria, fungi and algae in the air is eliminated. Units difficult to disinfect with traditional methods, such as processing machines, conveyor belts and other units or surfaces hard to reach are easily disinfected with our cloud solution.

DIS products for cleaning and sanitizing are not only higly effective as disinfectants but they also have residual efficacy meaning that the surface itself becomes disinfectant for some time after being treated. Depending on the surface being treated we determine whether a spray, wipe or larger equipment is needed for applying the disinfectants. The solution is unique for each unique situation.

Correctly done, the improved hygiene standards and practices will achieve full anti-microbial control. This control in turn enables the company to seek continuous improvement in disinfection and cleaning practices, leading to further reduction in the use of water, energy, chemicals and resources.

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