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3X Technology design their products with the aim to more effectively utilize energy and water, but at the same time recycle as much as possible. For instance, the company has recently begun production of a water filtration that enables the customers to reuse water and thus cut cost and reduce pollution. Proper selection of materials and hygiene of the machines are an important part of their operation. Green production is taken very seriously with special focus on reducing waste, whether it is in the design, in the manufacturing process or when the equipment is in use.

Their line of products include among other things:

Rotex Thawing system

Refreshing and thawing frozen raw material (IQF/Blocks)

Main advantages:

  • Water saving up to 50% compared to traditional methods.
  • Can use or re-use energy, up to 25%, otherwise spilled.
  • Optimizes raw material yield (2-4%), reduce drip loss.
  • “On Track” computer interface control on water flow, energy consumption, temperature and an alarm alerts if something goes wrong.

FilterX Filtering system

Filters water from thawing or other processes.

Main advantages:

  • Allows re-usage of water that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Depending on the production, water savings can range from 6 to 20 cubic liters/day.
  • Final product quality increases as bacteria content is under control.
  • Waste and residues collected can be used for feed production or other utilization.

Rotex On-board processing equipment

The 3X bleeding tank “On-board” is designed to extend the product shelf life by securing proper bleeding and cooling after catching.

Main advantages:

  • By extending shelf-life, fishing trips can be extended by up to 40% and thus made cheaper and more efficient. (Reduction in fuel, ice and energy consumption on board).
  • Controlled thorough process increases yields and reduces gaping in fillets fetching higher market value.
  • “On Track” computer interface control on water flow, energy consumption and temperature with an alarm in case something goes wrong.

Tub in feed unit with buffer conveyor, ice separator, tub take away with washing and stacking

Automatic raw material infeed for 660L and 460L tubs, gentle product handling and ice separation. Tub washing and disposal after emptying.

Main advantages:

  • Limits forklift usage and traffic by 75%.
  • Reduces water and soap consumption by 80% compared to use of conventional methods.
  • Environmental friendly as better tub handling, means less replacement and repair cost reduced by 20%.
  • Environmental friendly as it recycles the soap water through a special filter system.

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