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Green technology refers to technology which improves production processes, productivity and efficiency, use of raw materials or energy and reduces waste as, waste or pollution.
Technological development is a key environmental issue. The call for environmentally friendly technologies is in all areas. Many countries consider it necessary to invest in technology and developments in this field. Nations are endeavoring to build up in the green technology including energy, natural resources and waste.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are prominent, as it is clear that if the goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions is to be achieved we must make changes in energy matters. Many Icelandic high tech companies are leading in its field in terms of quality and eco-friendliness. They generally emphasize quality, efficiency, power savings, water savings and sanitation. These two key elements, quality and eco-friendliness, are extremely important when marketing Icelandic technology.

– The Green Marine Technology World –
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Iceland Ocean Cluster started as a project at the University of Iceland but is now a full running company which facilitates networking opportunities for ocean related industries in Iceland and worldwide. Its partners consist of leaders in well established, as well as cutting edge firms in ocean related industries. The Iceland Ocean Cluster is now located by the harbor at the Iceland Ocean Cluster House at

Grandagardur 16, 101 Reykjavík along with ten other companies working in the marine industry.
The role of the Iceland Ocean Cluster is to connect people and firms in ocean related fields and by that seek new opportunities across a variety of fields and regions. One of the first objects was to map ocean related industries in Iceland and a report was published in November 2011.